A few reasons why to use a pitcher as a vase this summer.

If you're coming to my site because you love the vintage treasures just as I do, you must have noticed that one of my favourite objects are pitchers. I have plenty of them waiting for you to adopt. No wonder I found pitcher a perfect topic to write the blog post. 

Have you ever stop for a moment and reflect why does we love them so much? Is it a mater of fashion? I do not think so. Let me give you few reasons why to use your pitcher as a vase this summer. 


Being a practical woman I appreciate this adaptable object. First, it's perfect for those of you who have a smaller flat. It maybe used as a vase or as intended as a water carafe on your table.

As they come in almost any size (and I love to include creamers in my pitchers collection too) you can place them everywhere in your home. They will be looking great in the kitchen, on the veranda or terrace. You can have them in the living room on your dining or coffee table. I love per example to store my pens and pencils on my desk in one of them. You can use it also in the bathroom for your makeup tools. For those of you who love the breakfast in bed, place a creamer with a tiny flower bouquet on your tray... options are endless.

Pitchers also come in any material. You will find them made of glass, porcelain, metal. We are used to see it mostly in rustic interiors, but by playing with fabrics and textures you can adapt it into almost any interior style twisting it a bit and adding charm. First interior besides classic rustic that comes to my mind is nordic interior. The white metal pitcher suites it perfectly. Transparent pitcher on the other hand can be perfect as a minimalistic decor on your window. 


One thing that comes to my mind when I search vessel for my freshly cut bouquet is a water. Pitcher is made for carrying water therefore it is the best object you can pair with your flowers. On the other hand it is handy when you need to show to the world your summer picked dried compositions. Again if you are a minimalistic type of person just a big brunch will evoke Asian style of arrangements.  


 I am sure you are a strong woman but a vase with water and flowers can be pretty heavy. I always pray that it does not slip off my hands. Thats another reason to love pitchers. They come with a practical handle which fascilitates the life grately and reduces a possibility of the afternoon cleaning instead of swinging on your veranda in hammock. 😁

No matter what is your reason to love pitcher, I think we agree it becomes recognized as an iconic object in a stylish interior. If you still miss one in your home, take a look at the selection in my store. You can find pitchers here!

Below few inspirations for summer and fall

See you soon