Jacqueline - FIG · VERBENA
Jacqueline - FIG · VERBENA

Jacqueline - FIG · VERBENA

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Jacqueline is the freshness of verbena combined with the velvety roundness of the fig leaf. This candle with lemony notes will soothe the atmosphere of your home.

T : Lemon (Italy), Petitgrain (Paraguay), Fig Leaves
C : Verbena (France), Fig Leave, Mint
F : Cedar (Texas), Sandalwood (New Caledonia), Musk

MarieJeanne candles are made from the finest natural ingredients. Each composition is concentrated at 12% which gives them this remarkable intensity during combustion. Carefully made, the wax used is a unique blend for each fragrance of natural wax (50% of coco & colza) and paraffin wax (50%), our wicks are made in cotton, lead-free. AII stages of manufacture are made in Grasse.

Scented Candle 
240G / 70H

P.S. MarieJeanne encourages a second life for the products. The reuse of boxes and glassware as containers or decorative elements brings a personal, elegant, and ethical touch!