The Pillow Mist
The Pillow Mist

The Pillow Mist

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100ML / 3.4FL.OZ

The pillow mist with natural essential oils to improve sleep. Soothing, creates a scented, clean and comforting atmosphere. You can spray the mist 15 minutes before going to bed or as a personal fragrance for an optimal relaxation time.

Carefully developed MarieJeanne mists with natural essential oils, each of them having beneficial properties on the body and the spirit. The mists can be sprayed in your home, on your linens, and have a personal fragrance for an optimal well-being time. Each mist is a combination of natural essential oils mixed with organic alcohol. Those products are 99% of natural origin and vegan.

*Bergamot (Italy): perfect in dealing with stress and calm the mind.
*Mandarin (Italy): soothing, it is good for sleeping.
*Neroli (Tunisia): excellent against anxiety attacks and fears. This essential oil helps the body to relax.
*Sandalwood (New-Caledonia): known to reduce stress, it provides an emotional balance.

P.S. MarieJeanne encourages a second life for the products. The reuse of boxes and glassware as containers or decorative elements brings a personal, elegant, and ethical touch!